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In order to legally transfer and have access to a deceased person's assets, bank accounts, and Social Security information, a Personal Representative needs to be appointed by the Probate Court in the county where the deceased resided.  The appointment of a Personal Representative is determined by nomination in the will or by priority listed in the Michigan statute.  Some of the duties of a Personal Repreentative are:

  • Protection of Assets

  • Payment of Debts

  • Notification of Beneficiaries

  • Transfer of Property



When real estate is titled in the name of the deceased, legal title may only pass with the approval and authority of the Probate Court.  The Probate Court will appoint a Personal Representative to execute the transfer of both real estate and personal property.  The terms of a will are not controlling and cannot be enforced unless the will is probated in Probate court.  This requires an estate to be filed and administrated through the Probate Court. Among the disputes resolved in Probate Court are:

  • Property Ownership

  • Property Distribution

  • Surviving spouse Rights

  • Second Marriage Issues



Personal Representative

Distribution of Estate Assets

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Following the death of a loved one, many issues arise as to the family's rights and responsibilities.   Come to Ada Law Center today to find out how the probate process is administered and what actions need to be taken to protect and distribute assets.


One of the benefits of probating an estate through Probate Court is to insure that the wishes of the deceased, as stated in the will, are carried out and that assets are not diverted to others.   The Probate Court process requires full disclosure to all interested parties and provides a forum to resolve any disputes between family members.




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